2020 vision

The first six

or seven days

of a new year,

find me all at

sixes and sevens:

What year is this?

What just happened?

What happens next?

How old am I?

Did I just waste

twelve whole months?

Will I do better

this year?

Should I stop reading


What am I going

to do with my life?

But after a week,

or so,

it becomes just

another year

and I get on

with life.

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends,

with the bang of a

million trees exploding,

with the whimper of a

thousand koalas dying,

and unbreathable smoke,

and blowing dust,

and drying earth,

and drying rivers,

and a howling wind,

and a bloody Sun,

and a feeling of

utter helplessness.