Seven Samurai

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The Princess Bride


The Big Lebowski

Groundhog Day

Singin’ in the Rain


The Big Chill

I chose films which make me feel good to know they exist. I hug myself with glee when I think of them. Other lists of course are possible – favourite musicals, best 21st century, best drama, best romcom, or just numbers 8-14, 15-21 etc – and maybe I’ll do some of those as the mood takes me.

What’s past

… is prologue.

My book concerning fire in the Australian environment, extinction of the megafauna, and Indigenous interaction with the environment in general (and in total opposition to the works of Flannery, Pascoe and Gammage, among others), is available online.

All my individual publications in this field (and others) are available free online at

Also many of my older essays are still available here:

Suck it up Mike Godwin

You know who else was anti-woke, pro-cancelling, hated and killed LGBTQ people, destroyed unions, hated and killed anyone of different cultures and religions, removed opposition political parties, hated and destroyed the Arts, packed the judiciary, worshipped the military, used a lot of flags?

Yeah, you do.