Oh, all right, just a peek, now and then

When you are born you should be presented with a 70-year-diary, every day already filled in, a bright red ribbon tied around the cover. Then, as you work your way through life, you could constantly check where you were up to and what lay ahead. Or perhaps it would be best to leave it closed, the ribbon left done up.

Lest we forget

An argument often made these days about long-lasting and unwinnable wars is that “we owe it to the dead” to keep fighting forever and never lose otherwise their sacrifice was in vain. Nonsense of course – just a recipe for never-ending wars because you just keep adding more and more dead. I wonder if the same logic is at play with religion – people think they owe it to all the believers of the previous 1500 or 2000 years to keep believing otherwise their faith was in vain? Just a recipe for keeping the malign influence of religion alive in the world forever.