Well met

I have a whim,

a slight fancy,

if you prefer,

to somehow have

assembled in

a giant hall,

or stadium,


I met along

the way to where

I am now. But

I do not mean


There are many

I never want

to see again.

Some, indeed, who

might even cause

me to break my

lifelong vow of


No. I want to

see again all

those who loved

me, liked me,

admired me,

supported me,

and helped me.

From those who saw

me in my pram,

to those who saw

me in cancer

wards, surgeries,


rooms. And from those

known just minutes

to those who I

have known for life.

And from those who

live far away

to those who live

close to my home.

And when they are

all assembled

I greet them one

at a time. Say

to all of them

“How are you?” and

“Are you well?” and

“Are you happy?

Are you content?”

Then I say “Did

I turn out as

you expected?”

Finally I

say, to each in

turn, “Thank you for

the life I have

had, better for

having known you.”

And then I bow.

And hope that they

will bow to me.