One moment

The other day,

in a waiting room

of a medical scanning

centre, I saw two

elderly ladies. One

went in for her scan

while the other waited

anxiously. When she came

out they held hands,

talking quietly and

seriously about what

had been done,

been said, staring into

each other’s eyes.

Then they left

and through the

window I could see

a fervent embrace,

before they moved on,

arms around each

other, providing comfort,

very much in love.

I breathe, therefore I am

I am

breathing in,

breathing out,

like all the other

living creatures

sharing this planet

and this air.

But more,

that air has been

shared by all the creatures

who ever lived,

been refreshed by

all the plants

that ever grew,

since the beginning

of Earth time.

Each new breath

combines all the

old breaths of creatures,

and people, long gone.

Each breath is a kind

of immortality,

existing long after

each of us has

taken our last breath,

passed on to each of

us taking our

first breath

Life time

Approaching 74

and every ache,

every niggle, every

unexplained twitch

in the night,

presages doom and

a twinkle in an

undertaker’s eye.

Half way through 73

and sour memories

bubble up like methane

in Lake Baikal, erupt

randomly like black

mud in Rotorua, old

regrets seem once

again possible triumphs,

old grievances can

once again cut the psyche

like a knife.

Getting close to

my seventy third Xmas

and counting again

all the gifts I have

been given over

this amazingly long

time. Love, and

friendship, and

life itself.