Assume for a moment that Jesus was a real person (and yes, that is a very big assumption) then he was a person who:
1. Was never married
2. Had no children
3. Had no education (not counting religious rote learning)
4. Never had to look after ageing parents
5. Never had a real job
6. Never owned a house
7. Never went shopping
8. Never travelled outside of a tiny area near Jerusalem
9. Visited no other countries
10. Never had an illness
11. Read no books
12. Had no friends (only followers)
13. Knew nothing of science, history, geography, languages, mathematics

Why on earth do people think that such a person has anything of interest to say about how others should live their lives?

The wheels on the bus go …

I’m writing this blog, these million and one haiku, for my own pleasure/challenge/rehabilitation. Out of the blue a few people have hopped on the bus, come along for the ride, in the last year, and that is pleasing while totally unexpected. I hope you are enjoying what I have been doing – if so it would be good to get occasional reactions from the passengers on the bus. Cheers.