I have never

had, in a long life

of creating ideas,

and things, a serious

review of any of it. No

serious consideration

of what was attempted,

what were the problems,

what was achieved.

But then you don’t get that

for your life itself

I suppose,


A country garden

sounds like a quaint,

quiet, idyllic place,

where Percy Grainger

could write a chirpy

piece of music which

goes nowhere.

If the country is

Australia though

the country garden is

a place green

in tooth and claw.

Plants struggle against

wind and drought,

rabbits, parrots

possums and kangaroos,

pigs, goats, sheep,

weeds and rocks and

soil that repels moisture,

and bushfires that

constantly threaten

to burn the lot.

Counting plants in the

morning, vigilant

for snakes in the grass,

is about as

relaxing as a shepherd

counting sheep.