Countries with McDonald’s

I had thought the rule was that America simply hated socialist countries and did its best to destroy them in case people elsewhere might discover that there was an economic alternative to American controlled capitalism in their countries. But that doesn’t explain the hatred of people like Trump and Bolton for Iran. So a more general version of nomdeplume’s rule is that America hates all countries that will not accept its economic, social and cultural hegemony. The Roman and British Empires were the same in their day.

Down down, IQ is down

After seventy-odd (and seventy odd) years of life I keep thinking I have seen and heard  all the worst of human stupidity. But then I read something said by a woman in a red cap, or a crackpot fundamentalist (of any religion), or a loopy flat earther, or a mad-brained creationist, or a Dunning-Kruger climate change denier, or a lobster-potted Peterson follower, or an addled anti-vaxxer, and I realise there is absolutely no depth to which human stupidity cannot sink.

Allons enfants

Throughout history, and over most of the world, societies have been divided into left and right, poor and rich, workers and bosses, globalists and nationalists, humanists and racists, atheists and the religious, thinkers and followers, socialists and fascists. The important thing for all of us is to decide early what side we are on.

And we are well on our way

All over the universe, planets capable of supporting life will have evolved intelligent organisms. All over the universe those organisms will have invented systems of living that enable a small number of them to gain a very large share of the resources of the planet. All over the universe those systems will develop patterns of consumption of resources that make the planet incapable of supporting life and result in the eventual extinction of all the life forms on the now dead planet.