That’s why the World’s a mess

The “Peter Principle”

says that in any

organisation, people

get promoted up to

one level beyond

their level of

competence, which

explains why the


eventually become


Seems to me the

human race has been

promoted beyond

its level of competence.


“Scattered showers”

says the forecast,

but as an old man,

in a dry year,

waiting for rain,

I have little confidence

they will scatter

over me.

When you begin

life your forecast

is for scattered

patches of good

fortune. But you

can no more control

their arrival

and departure

than you can

control Autumn

rain on your farm.

Card games

Old postcards

from more than

a century ago

tell the stories

of a happy group

of friends, now all

long dead, their

outings, and plays,

and sport, and loves,

and losses, all gone.

Their innocence

went first though,

this last generation

not to know what

a world war would

bring to their happy lives.

I feel like warning them –

“Hey, watch out, bad

times are coming, and

some of you will die

and others weep,

make the most

of your last sunny days.

But they cannot hear

and their ghosts

are fading like

the ink on the card.