Dead Cert

You haven’t passed away.

You aren’t in another room.

We won’t meet again.

God didn’t need another angel.

You’re not resting in peace.

You’re not waiting for the last trump.

You’re not in a better place.

You haven’t been reunited with your loved ones.

You haven’t gone on before.

You’re just dead.

11 thoughts on “Dead Cert

  1. And you Know this to the the case? Or is it just a Belief absent evidence for or to the contrary? How would demonstrate the claim that “there is no after life”?


    1. How would you demonstrate the claim that there is an “afterlife”? What could such a thing actually mean? What mechanism do you suggest for allowing “life” to continue after all physiology and biochemistry has come to an end including all brain function? What actual evidence do you have for some life other than the one we (and all other organisms on the planet) have here?


      1. I believe the same burden of proof would apply to you making the claim that there isn’t that a believer in God would have when making the claim that there is. And since not believing isn’t the same as claiming there isnt… I believe you would be responsible for demonstrating your claim that there isn’t an after life. So… proceed.


      2. Not how burden of proof works. You are the one making a claim for something for which there is absolutely no evidence for, and plenty against. If I claim there is a teapot in orbit around the Sun I have to prove it, you don’t have to disprove it. Same for Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Biggfoot, Loch Ness Monster, UFOs etc etc etc.


      3. I haven’t made any claim. I’m responding to you post where in numerous ways you have claimed there is no afterlife. I’m asking you to demonstrate that claim. Again, ive made no claim in my comments.


      4. I’m sorry, but yes you have, or at least I assume you have used one of the phrases for which I am saying there is no evidence. Your replies in any case show exactly what you believe, and believe on the basis of no evidence. Would you ask me to defend a statement that the Tooth Fairy was not real?


      5. “I don’t believe” is not the same as “it doesn’t exist”. When you say “it doesnt exist” you are making a claim to Know that it doesn’t exist. And yes, you would be responsible to demonstrate that claim. Again, I haven’t made any claim in my comments. You may interpret my having made one, but I have not. Only you have made a claim here. So… proceed.


      6. I’ll let you off the hook. What I’m trying tompoint out to you is the utter foolishness and to use your words “complete idiocy” of saying something doesn’t exist… when you yourself acknowledge the complete inability to substantiate the claim. Better to just he honest.. and say “I don’t believe”. Suspension of belief is honorable and even reasonable. Claiming something “doesn’t exist” when you cant verify that it doesn’t exist is just plain stupid, childish and intellectually dishonest.


      7. No, claiming something “does exist” when you cant verify that it does exist is just plain stupid, childish and intellectually dishonest. And these claims have caused great damage to individuals and societies ever since the first wishful thinking claim was made from the imagination.


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