An exam for theists

  1. A “miracle” would be the result of something “supernatural” – there is no such thing as “supernatural”, it is an oxymoron in one word. Discuss.

2. Sites/places are sometimes described as “sacred” or “holy” – there is no such thing as a sacred site or a holy place, just sites and places that have been labelled as such by someone. Can you name  a real holy site?

3. There is no such thing as blasphemy – how can you offend someone/something who is imaginary?

4. “Thoughts and prayers” is a tautology. Do you think so?

5. “Spiritual” would only be a real thing if “spirit” was a real thing. Neither is real. Gove a spirited reply.

6. “Soul-searching” is an imaginary quest. Do you have a map?

7. “Original sin” might be a thing if there had been a first man and woman. And if they had committed a “sin”. And if sin was encoded in DNA. And if “sin” was a real thing. Otherwise not. Your discussion must be original.

8. If you think “After Life” is a real thing, why not a “Before Life”?

9. Why would you think someone knows “what god thinks”? How would that work? [see “thoughts and prayers” above].

10. Even if you think a “god” “caused” the “Big Bang” how would that relate in any way, 13.8 billion years later, to what the leaders, and written archives, of your particular cult say about what that god is [see “supernatural” above].

11. You don’t – “pass on” “pass away” “rest in peace” “get reunited” “go to a better place” – you just die. Write an obituary with that in mind.

12. Being described as a “person of faith” is an insult not a compliment. Do you have faith that is not true?

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