You must remember this

Sometimes I

meet someone

from my past

who tells me

something I didn’t

know about

a common friend,

or enemy,

or event,

that completely

alters my

memory of

that person

or history.

Are all of

my memories


4 thoughts on “You must remember this

  1. Our memories are our memories…dont let someone else alter your own. We all have different perspectives in life. Your’s are just as valid as there’s


    1. Yes, but I was thinking more of being told that, say, x and y were in a relationship, or z had cancer, or a was looking after an aged father, or b was a chess champion. Information unknown at the time which gives me a different perspective on my memory of events.

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      1. Aww yes. It does change the perspective. It doesn’t necessary change the memory though. Still a beautiful poem. ,💗


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