10 thoughts on “Knock knock knocking

    1. Thank’s Archon – the compression is a challenge, but forces you to try to work out the essence of the subject. I used to blog in essay form, where space was unlimited and I could develop an argument at great length. Writing haiku has been an interesting challenge!


      1. I took a prompt from my wife, who recently commented about how much she missed my Mother. We are now the Grandma and Grandpa who run the nostalgia franchise. 🙂


  1. In case you, or any other reader, is confused about the above comment, it was intended for another post. I am not surprised though, to find another Grumpy Old Dude, purveying nostalgia. Keep telling truth to power. 😀


    1. I was puzzled, but I thought “Wotthehell Archy” (and if you recognise that quote, and something of a pun I am a little proud of, you are probably as old a Dude as me. “Toujours gai”)


      1. I’m pushing 74….and my luck. I assume that the quote is from ‘All In The Family’ which I never saw more than snippets of, because of my wife’s psychological problem. She’s such an empath, that she can’t stand to see anyone make a fool of themself – which eliminates most TV and movies. Eh, ca va bien. 🙂


      2. We are of an age…! But you missed the $60,000 I’m afraid. It is from Archy and Mehitabel a long prose poem by Don Marquis about a cockroach (Archy) and a cat (Mehitabel). It was very big among the sixties youth of our generation.

        I have trouble watching anything where people are hurt, treated badly. Again, it eliminates a lot.


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