And now another one begins

The first New Year’s Eve
was 4.54 billion
years or so ago.


[Well, here it is, as promised, post number 1000 on New Year’s Eve. They are nearly all haiku, but not quite, so following this one will be a batch to make it up to you, oh, and to celebrate the imminent arrival of 2018. Something of an achievement, 1000 posts, I think, on a blog I began not knowing where I was going with it. One disappointment is that I haven’t reached 100 followers yet. For a while I was keeping pace – 10 new followers for every 100 new posts. But I seem to have attracted, if that is the word, fewer followers lately. Perhaps this milestone and the haiku binge to follow, will attract a few more. Or lose a few more, I guess, depending. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, and we’ll meet again in 2018].


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