But no snakes

Somewhere among
a cloud of one-celled creatures
in an ancient sea
is one of my ancestors.
And somewhere
among a group
of segmented worms
on a sea floor.
And one of a school
of bony fish.
Perhaps one of the first
amphibians to sniff the sea breeze.
and certainly part of a herd
of large reptiles evading dinosaurs.
And there is one, part of a
family of small sharp-toothed mammals
climbing in a tree.
Perhaps my ancestor is that
smart ape living on the ground
and wondering how effective
sticks and stones will be in
getting food.
And finally one of my ancestors
was certainly in that family
of wise creatures leaving Africa
and heading for Europe.
Perhaps part of a family later
who decided that hunting
was for the birds and who
learned how to farm.
And certainly my ancestors
were among many who
finally left England
and headed for the
Great Southern Land.

Hi guys and gals, you done good.


Roy Moore, soon to be US Senator from Alabama said “There is no such thing as evolution. That we came from a snake? No, I don’t believe that.”

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