Great Minds

Yossarian (Joseph Heller Catch-22)
“He had decided to live forever or die in the attempt”

“From now on I’m thinking only of me.”
Major Danby replied indulgently with a superior smile: “But, Yossarian, suppose everyone felt that way.”
“Then,” said Yossarian, “I’d certainly be a damned fool to feel any other way, wouldn’t I?”

“I’m not running away from my responsibilities. I’m running to them. There’s nothing negative about running away to save my life.”

Rincewind (Terry Pratchett Interesting Times)
“‘But there are causes worth dying for’ said Butterfly
‘No, there aren’t. Because you’ve only got one life but you can pick up another five causes on any street corner!’
‘Good grief, how can you live with a philosophy like that?’
Rincewind took a deep breath.

“‘ Should we not resist them with every drop of our life’s blood?’ said Butterfly.
Rincewind looked blank ‘No. Run away’.
‘Ah, yes’ said Twoflower. ‘And live to fight another day. That is an Ankh-Morpork saying.’
Rincewind had always assumed that the purpose of running away was to live to run away another day.”

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