Stop ploughing the ground

The media constantly provide fertile ground for the normalising of religious nonsense. They talk of people “falling from grace”; footballers “seeking redemption” for a mistake in a previous game; “miracles” happen in tennis matches and football games (and also in cases where one person survives a plane crash or a landslide which kills hundreds of other people who don’t get “miracles”; and in cases where hundreds of years of medical expertise, and advanced scientific treatments, save the lives of babies born with genetic defects); floods or plagues of insects reach “biblical” proportions; “Spiritual” and “Sacred” are used as if they are normal adjectives signifying real aspects of life, not imaginary constructs; “Soul” and “Heaven” are used as if they are normal nouns signifying real things not imaginary ones; creations of “saints”, and reports of “after death experiences”, are treated like documentaries; followers of football teams and political parties are referred to as “the faithful”. They even treat seriously reports of “ghosts”, and interview “psychics”.

It all plays a big role in ensuring that religion continues to plague the human race.

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