7 thoughts on “Zero sum

  1. “The conservative attacks on regulations all over the world mean the rich get richer and the poor die horribly.”

    What a stupid statement. The rich will always get richer. How many times have the rich people been cooked in chemical showers, beheaded, overthrown, robbed, murdered, deceived….

    Poor people will usually always die horribly. Part of the whole…poverty…thing.

    Conservative attacks on regulations will allow my small business to thrive. It will allow me the freedom to save money to have a baby. It will allow me to serve my community without having to worry about legal backlash. Sure, rich people will prosper, as they always do. Poor people will inevitably suffer. But to blame these things on conservatives is divisive and unpatriotic.

    You realize conservatives generally give more to charity than their liberal counterparts? (http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/2014/10/17/Ten-Most-Generous-States-US)

    Conservatives are the problem… I see. Even though we want to lift the regulations that hamstring entrepreneurs? Even though we promote personal freedom and accountability? Yes. Because nothing kills poor people like personal freedom.

    You know what DOES kill poor people? And people in general? Socialism. Which is advocated for openly by many liberals. I know a few other people that advocated for it. National Socialist German Workers’ Party for one. Hugo Ch├ívez. The Communist Party in Soviet Russia. How many millions died…..tens of millions? How many more will? (Venezuela is still on the stove.)

    Hey, if you liked my rebuttal, I’ll be posting it on my blog! So approve it or not, it won’t matter. I’ve called you out.


    1. Well, I do hope you are not in the business of building high rise apartment blocks, airlines, food processing, automobiles, aged care, coal mining, bridge building, railways, housing construction, water supply, education, pharmaceuticals, farming …..

      But thank you for your comment.


  2. I am slightly in the property business. I may have a few stocks in things like airlines and food processing and automobiles and aged care, coal mining. Railways for sure. Housing construction for sure. And maybe pharmaceuticals.

    Why would you worry about those industries?


    1. Don’t want to protract this to far. Those industries were, of the top of my head, just a random list of those where no regulation, or “self-regulation” or failure to enforce regulation, certainly can, and has, resulted in bad consequences for people using the products concerned, because, with a profit motive unfettered by any regulation, companies will cut costs by reducing maintenance, using cheap materials, avoiding skilled labour, taking short cuts. Even if they were inclined to do the right thing, they could not be sure their competitors will not, and cannot take the risk of being undercut, not the risk of relative profits falling. Regulations, applied sensibly and equally prevent such a race to the bottom, produce a level playing field, and protect consumers.

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      1. Maybe you could provide some citations of specific examples? I would think that in some cases, maybe bureaucracy enforcing standards in some aspects of an industry would almost guarantee cuts in another.


      2. My original sentence was prompted by the Grenfell fire in London, but there are constant examples around the world, and only a small fraction would ever be reported.

        Obviously you and I see the world, and its news, in very different ways. Thank you for your interest and comments, and I hope you will drop by from time to time to see if I have written anything else of interest.

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      3. We might see things differently. I just couldn’t help thinking of the EU vs Google thing that just happened as an example of regulation stomping on business, and probably causing more hindrance to Europeans than actually helping, particularly when the Google algorithm for shop searches is based on popularity and distribution of items, not who hosts them.


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